Seattle Film Institute Articulation

Starting Fall 2017 Seattle Film Institute will offer a 50-week program in filmmaking through the Higher Education Center in Santa Fe. SFCC film students who complete their AA in Film degree can transfer ALL their credit hours to Seattle Film Institute towards a BA degree. This unique opportunity gives students the opportunity to start their film classes first, complete their general education last or start with general education classes first and jump into their BA right away. Full-time students have the ability to complete their AA and BA degree in 21 months. Other students may choose to complete in 24 or 36 months. For more information about this program email
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Why choose Seattle Film Institute?


Seattle Film institute is recognized as the only higher education institution in the Pacific Northwest United States dedicated to the study of filmmaking. SFI faculty and staff are filmmakers teaching filmmakers. We feel that our learn-by-doing focus and dedication to the study of and application of filmmaking guarantees that students will be immersed in the world of film while attending SFI.


We know that each student is looking for the right fit for their college education. SFI offers a unique accelerated film production program. Students can learn film production from script to screen in 50-weeks over a 13-month period. This intensive design provides opportunity to create over 40 short films on 8mm, 16mm and video. Classes are small and provide a fully hands-on immersion.

I have earned my high school diploma or GED what is my next step?


For recent high school graduates, or non-traditional students without prior college credit hours the 50-week program can be taken as a professional certificate. Often called an upside-down degree, this gives students a chance to dive into their subject area and then decide if they want to continue fulfilling their general education requirements to earn their bachelor’s degree. To-date 100% of certificate holders who have chosen to complete their general education requirements have obtained a bachelor's degree.


I have an Associate’s Degree what is my next step?


Associate degree holders can take the 50-week program and earn their Bachelor of Arts degree in 13 months. SFI has two formal articulation agreements; Shoreline Community College in Seattle, Washington and Santa Fe Community College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Both Shoreline CC and Santa Fe CC offer direct pathways for traditional students (high school students completing their two-year degree first). Students who have an AA or AS degree should have their transcripts sent to SFI when applying.


Students who have an Associate degree or its equivalent can earn a BA in Film in just under 13 months rather than the typical two academic years usually required to complete a BA degree.  Students with an AA degree in Film from Santa Fe Community College automatically meet SFI’s admission requirements.  All other transcripts are evaluated at the time of admission to make sure all required classes are included.  


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in another discipline is SFI a good fit for me?


Yes! Students who have already completed their bachelor’s degree in any field of study may enter the 50-week program to earn a Master of Arts (MA) degree in filmmaking. The 13-month MA degree in filmmaking can be paired with the 40-week MA in Producing (treated as a second-year program) to earn Seattle Film Institute's highest degree the Master of Fine Arts (MFA).


I have been working in the film industry for over 20 years and need to obtain an MFA to teach. What does SFI offer?


Upon evaluation of portfolio and field-experience by the academic affairs officer, an applicant with a BA degree can be accepted into the 40-week Producing MA program and awarded an MFA through credit-for-prior learning.  In addition, the MA in Producing is often accepted as a terminal degree since it is the highest commonly-held degree on the professional track of study in the field of producing. To inquire about this program, contact David Shulman by email

For more information, contact Seattle Film Institute by visiting or by calling admission officer Chris Blanchett at 206.568.4387 for more information.