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Fall 2019 Classes!!!

CRN          Sect        Cred     Day            Meeting Time           


FDMA 1210 - Video Production I

21310  01        3.0       W             08:30am - 011:45pm            

21311  02        3.0       S               01:00pm - 04:15pm     


FDMA 1220 - Editing I

21313  01        3.0        M               05:30pm - 08:15pm       

21509  01        3.0         T               05:30pm - 08:15pm

FDMA 2120 - Film Crew I

21331 01        4.0       M/W    05:30pm - 09:30pm              


FDMA 1130 - Film Crew I Lab

21307 01        1.0       S          09:00am - 01:00pm          

FDMA 2125 - Film Crew II

21332 01        4.0       M/W    05:30pm - 09:30pm       

FDMA 1560- Screenwriting I

21327  SD1      3.0       TBA      ONLINE                             


FDMA 2145 – Post-Production Color Compositing

21335  1     3.0    F      05:30pm - 08:15pm 

   CRN          Sect        Cred     Day            Meeting Time                                                                                                    

 FDMA 2140 - Film Crew  V

21334  01        9.0       TBA      TBA                                  


FDMA 2170 – Advanced Grip Training

21340 01        3.0       S          09:00am - 01:00pm          


 FDMA 1420 - Performance for Film and Media 

21318  01        3.0       U          12:00pm - 05:00pm         


FDMA 2560 - Screenwriting II

21351  01        3.0       U/Blended    12:00pm - 5:00pm          


FDMA 2520 - Digital Cinematography I

21345 01        3.0       M            01:00pm - 4:45pm     


FDMA 2610 - Directing 1

21352  01        3.0       T/R          05:30pm - 08:15pm           


FDMA 2998 - Film Crew Internship

21355  01        3.0       TBA      TBA                                     

FILM 270, Film Crew Seminars


The following are short-term or topics classes.  These classes will increase throughout the semester.


CRN      Sect     Cred     Day            Meeting Time           Instructor                    Date                   Weeks           Room


Check out Alumna Angelina Chavez in Seattle!

posted Dec 5, 2016, 1:52 PM by Sfcc Film   [ updated Dec 5, 2016, 1:54 PM ]

Now Hiring!

posted Nov 16, 2016, 1:38 PM by Sfcc Film   [ updated Jan 2, 2019, 10:10 AM ]

SFCC Film is hiring student workers to work in the cage. 
To apply Click Here
SFCC Film is a fast growing, hands on, lab based film school at Santa Fe Community College. We are seeking a student worker to work 20 hours per week in our department assisting students and faculty. The employee would primarily work in the film cage checking out equipment to students, but will also be required to complete various department tasks as needed. To be eligible, student must be enrolled in at least 9 credit hours per semester and have completed their FAFSA.

Duties include, but not limited to;
Check in and check out of equipment to students and faculty.
Daily lab checks and facilities cleaning.
Maintenance and repair of film equipment.
Prep equipment load and unload trucks for productions.
Assist and/or conduct class workshops and productions.
Assist in creating in marketing and promotional videos.
Setup/tear down of SFCC Film events.
Technical support for faculty.
Camera and equipment tutoring for students.
Office work, making copies, filing, transcribing, creating databases, etc.

Job requirements:
Willingness to work, from heavy lifting to paperwork.
Self driven and takes initiative.
Good customer service skills, friendly, helpful.
Must be enrolled in minimum 9 credit hours
Have completed FAFSA.
Have completed Film 140
Editing and post production skills preferred. 
Knowledge of film equipment and its operation, primarily in Camera and Grip.
Basic MS Office skills, Word and Excel.
Basic social media skills.
Ability to lift 50 lbs.
Flexible schedule, willing to work occasional nights and weekends. 
Ownership and pride in one’s work
Cleanliness and organizational skills are a must. 

To apply Click Here
Tel: 505.428.1911

New Cage Policy

posted Sep 6, 2016, 9:35 AM by Sfcc Film   [ updated Aug 22, 2019, 9:29 AM ]

Attention faculty and students!
Reservations are now required for ALL checkouts. No walk in equipment checkouts. Reservations can be made at

New Mexico Film Resource puts students to work this summer!

posted Aug 10, 2016, 7:59 AM by Sfcc Film   [ updated Aug 30, 2016, 12:27 PM ]

Six SFCC film students worked on an informational video for the New Mexico Governor’s Council on Disability’s for brain injury awareness under the supervision of New Mexico Film Resource. The work involved studio locations in Santa Fe and interviews in Gallup and Albuquerque. The students worked on all aspects of production from development, camera, sound and editing. The videos will be shown on the internet helping to raise awareness about the citizens suffering from brain injury. 
The six students received $500 stipends through the New Mexico Film Office’s “Give Back” fund in partnership with the Santa Fe Community College Foundation. 
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Students self-profile bios:

My name is Zachary Andres Chacon. I was born in Santa Fe and I grew up in Espanola and Ojo Caliente. I am currently a film student at the Santa Fe Community College. I will be graduating this December with my AA and my AAS in Film Production. I would be the first out of my mother, father, and sister to graduate college. I'm interested in narrative storytelling, grip and electric and cinematography. I have been extremely lucky to have opportunities to learn in the field through New Mexico Film Resource. One of the most recent projects that I've been helping on is making awareness videos for the Brain Injury Advisory Council. One of the best things about this project is learning while helping a great cause. I chose to pursue film because it gives me a platform to tell stories beautifully.

My name is Ashley Martinez. I took my first film class because I basically had to. I was working on an A.A. in Media Arts and I needed six elective credits, I took Video Production I and Editing I. When I started these classes I never thought I would fall in love with them. While continuing in Media Arts I slowly moved towards Film. Making that decision was probably the best decision I have ever made. 
I always been a shy person, unable to express myself or open up to others. But ever since those first two classes it’s becoming easier. It has taught me how to work with others and learn from them. I use to think I could do everything on my own but now I know you can’t be the best at everything. There is always someone better and if you allow them to work with you you’re going to get the best result. 
The Film classes that I have taken and the internship with NMFR have made me realize that film is a team effort. And although I still would like to do every production stage and enjoy doing them, post-production continues to be my favorite. I find to be fun and interesting because it allows me to put a story together that otherwise would not be there. NMFR has allowed me to do just that and continue learning at the same time. Not only about post-production but sometimes I get to learn about the subject that I otherwise would not think about.
Most recently I have had the privilege of working on the New Mexico Brain Injury Advisory Council video. The subject of this video is one that I have been learning a lot about over the past year. But I have only been learning a small portion and having the opportunity to edit this video allows me to educate myself even more.
As I mentioned above film was not my first choice but now I wish it had been. I don’t know where I am going in this industry but right now I can’t see myself going in any other direction. I want to be able to make stories come to life. Even if they’re not my own stories, to be able to be a part of the magic of film making would be an amazing privilege.

I am Ashley Brazill. I grew up in the mountains of northern Idaho. For as long as I can remember I wanted to get into the medical field and go to school for forensic pathology. This was until my cousins, who are in the film program here at Santa Fe Community College, convinced me to come to a couple of their Film Crew classes. I completely fell in love with film the first night I went and I ended up switching my major and switching to the film program at the college the night I got back to my cousins house. I started helping on different sets and Gene gave me the opportunity to work with New Mexico Film Resource. I like the Art Department the most. I am now the Art Director for the Brain Injury Alliance. It is a print project where we are designing the artwork for a pamphlet to inform children from Pre-school to 2nd grade to help teach kids about safety when riding a bike, roller-skating, skateboarding, etc. We went to film kids at a Bike Rodeo and filmed the adults handing out helmets and teaching the kids how to properly wear them. The adults also did a fitting of the helmets on the kids. I appreciate everyone who has helped, encouraged and taught me the things they know about film. Film has become my passion and it is something I want to do for the rest of my life.

Michael Barela is a student at the Santa Fe Community College having started studies since 2013 and began working freelance in film since 2015 and has been concentrating on studying sound since 2016. Michael graduated SFCC 2016 with an A.A. and A.A.S. in film studies and plans on continuing his studies at the Institute of American Indian Arts. With the help of SFCC, Michael has written and directed his first short entitled Standing O he plans on submitting to film festivals. Working with the Brain Injury Advisory Council, Michael has been able to sharpen his skills and furthered his interest in working sound and camera. Michael Barela lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Joss Mulligan: I’m a student at SFCC pursing my passion in film. Born and raised in Santa Fe I enjoy being a part of the filmmaking process, I love everything from hands on set work to coordinating a crew’s efforts to create the final vision, to editing away until that vision is realized for others to see. Working with the NM BIAC I’ve been a 2nd Unit Director in shooting safety events at Santa Clara Pueblo and here in Santa Fe. Looking forward I’d like to continue to work here in New Mexico to help support and grow along with the budding Film and TV industry here.

My name is Chad Boardsen. I was born and raised in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I developed an interest in the arts at an early age, drawing in particular. I always wanted to get involved in filmmaking, but growing up in the Midwest, miles away from the media capitols of the United States, it always seemed like an unobtainable goal. I earned a degree in English Literature, with minors in Creative Writing and Art, with an emphasis on Film Theory and Criticism. I am hoping to one day draw upon my writing and art background, and apply those disciplines to film. I am very grateful, and very humbled by the welcome I received when I arrived at Santa Fe Community College. On NM BIAC worked on camera crew for three shoot days in Santa Fe. This experience provided me perspective of what it would take to be a cameraman on a film. NMFR has afforded me opportunities and I am grateful for the experience. I hope to be working on more films with NMFR in the future to keep improving my skills to work in the NM Film Industry.

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